Positive Parking Agenda

The Positive Parking Agenda (PPA) is an initiative started by a group of local authorities, including Bristol, Essex, Gloucestershire, Liverpool, Oxfordshire, York, and London Councils, supported and assisted by the British Parking Association.


Together we have launched a national campaign to deliver the Positive Parking Agenda and build public confidence in the parking sector. Together the aim is to change perceptions, challenge misconceptions about the parking sector and local government’s role and make the parking experience a better one for all concerned. Our Positive Parking Agenda will provide effective and positive communications, promoting innovation and the use of technology, for the benefit of all.

We encourage all local authorities to recognise the importance of good parking management and invite you to sign up to the PPA’s Key Priorities as set out below.

Key Priorities

  • Congestion – Reducing congestion, helping drivers find spaces quickly and easily
  • Safety – Improving road safety, reducing the severity and number of traffic collisions
  • Air Quality – Improving air quality, reducing congestion and dwell time in finding spaces
  • Accessibility - Improving access to services and the economic vitality and vibrancy of town centres and high streets
  • Technology – Supporting a more mobile society by embracing new technology
  • Working together – Providing a more efficient and accessible road network
  • Fair – Delivering a more effective, efficient and consistent parking management service


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Our Vision

To gain recognition for parking management as a valued service and significant contributor to a better, safer, more accessible and sustainable environment.

Mission Statement

  • To improve the public understanding and image of parking management by helping local authorities to work together to set and raise standards, improve communication, encourage innovation and promote transparency in the delivery of parking management.
  • To deliver fair, efficient and effective parking management for everyone in society according to a set of defined key priorities.
  • To achieve a step change in public attitudes about parking, shifting the focus of public interest and media coverage to the positive benefits of effective parking management