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As the most established and recognised authority in parking, the BPA actively represents you and promotes the sector by advancing knowledge, raising standards and professionalism. We do this through collaboration, with you – our members – government and other key stakeholders.

We look to constantly improve our offering, to give members like you the support you need to succeed. As a not-for-profit organisation our key purpose is to support and encourage excellence in the parking community. The money we make is reinvested into working on your behalf and developing membership benefits for you. Your contribution as members is what makes the work we do possible.


Key benefits of joining the British Parking Association

  • Networking - Connecting the parking community.
  • Raising standards & shaping the future.
  • Lobbying & engagement.
  • New innovations.
  • Knowledge sharing.
  • Developing professionals

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Corporate Membership

We provide advice, guidance and support to help our members meet their daily challenges as parking professionals.

Members benefit from networking, knowledge sharing, lobbying, campaigning, and professional development, and connect with peers nationwide to ask questions and share solutions, access specialist research and reports, exclusive content and our knowledge bank.

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Individual Membership

Becoming an individual BPA member demonstrates a commitment to the highest standards of professionalism and self-development, with professional recognition and a range of career development opportunities.

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Approved Operator Scheme

Do you manage parking on private land? Find out more about joining our Approved Operator Scheme and how to ensure your business conforms to the highest standards within the private parking sector.

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